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Wolfkeeper North 921 South Loomis Chicago, IL 60607 (Little Italy)
Wolfkeeper South 2747 West Cermak Chicago, IL 60623 (Little Village)
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2 Hour Canine Consultation with Master Sanzone ($250)

During this time you will discover what you need to change about your Canine and how your behaviors affect your Dog or Puppy.  These consultations are very eye opening and are more like mini private seminars.

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Private Lessons at your Home with Master Dog Trainer Toriano Sanzone (7 Sessions for $2300)  

Private Lessons at Wolfkeeper North with Toriano Sanzone 921 South Loomis (7 Sessions for $1600)  

Private Lessons in Austin, Texas March 2nd-March 19th

$300 per / 2 hour Session

Private Lesson in Malorca Spain March 23-April 1st

$300 per / 2 hour Session

Wolfkeeper Training Camps

The Wolfkeeper Dog Camp Programs are where we keep your Dog for a period of time and commit to training them until they are perfect.  We have programs for brand new puppies all the way to dominant dogs.  Our goal is to put you back into the driver’s seat and better your relationship with your Dog.  We can train your Yorkie to stop urinating on your hard wood floors or your Akita to not attack children!  We believe all Dogs can be trained and we have the skills and experience to change the life of your Canine.  We also offer specialized Canine Training such as Service Dogs and Home Guardians.

Lil Wolf Camp / 2-3 Weeks / $3500                                

Big Wolf Camp / 4-6 weeks / $5560

Alpha Wolf Camp / 12 weeks / $7500

WK Group Classes 2747 W. Cermak Chicago, IL
Tues. & Wed. 7pm / Sat. 11am
($300 for 7 Classes)

 WK Group Classes 921 S. Loomis Chicago, IL
Tues. 10am (Big Wolf) & Thurs. 7pm (Lil & Big Wolf)
Sat. 8am Lil Wolf & 9am Big Wolf
($300 for 7 Classes)

Wolfkeeper University Inc​ 2747 West Cermak Chicago, Illinois U.S.A +01 312 933 1528 /  toriano@torianosanzone.com

Wolfkeeper University specializes in training the Human to train the Canine through DOGA and other Wolfkeeper Patented Dog Training Techniques.