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​Doga, or Dog Yoga, consists of several maneuvers designed to test dogs' willingness to certain positions imposed upon them. It additionally helps to stretch a dog's joints and muscles that they cannot stretch on their own. Through Doga we strive to increase a dog's comfort with being handled and help calm dogs in high-stress areas such as the park or vet's office

Group Classes

Our group classes are meant to give you an opportunity to train your dog around many other dogs, giving you and your dog a chance to socialize and see the progress that you are all making. We offer regular group classes where up to 10 dogs and their owners get to work with one of our master trainers and practice Doga and obedience commands. We also offer small and large Wolfpack Walks which takes our class on the go and helps train your dog to focus on you by exposing them to several outside distractions.

Wolfkeeper Group Training Class

Service Dogs

​Wolfkeeper University is the proud provider of service dogs for our United States Veterans.   Our service provides veterans in need, who may be suffering from PTSD, MST, or a TBI, with a service dog at absolutely no cost. We are dedicated to the betterment of the lives of our vets and work tirelessly in service to them. More information on the program and more resources can be found on our Service Dogs page.

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Wolfkeeper Training Camps

The Wolfkeeper Dog Camp Programs are where we keep your Dog for a period of time and commit to training them until they are perfect.  We have programs for brand new puppies all the way to dominant dogs. Our goal is to put you back into the driver’s seat and better your relationship with your Dog. We can train your Yorkie to stop urinating on your hard wood floors or your Akita to not attack children! We believe all Dogs can be trained and we have the skills and experience to change the life of your Canine. We also offer specialized Canine Training such as Therapy Dogs and Home Guardians.

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Private Lessons and Services

​Sometimes its hard to narrow in on what to do about your specific issues in a group setting. To help tackle specific conditions we offer several private lessons and services. These range from a one-on-one consultation with The Wolfkeeper, Toriano Sanzone, covering how your actions can impact your dog, to private instruction at your home which can help us to see and correct what might be influencing your dog's behavior.




Here you can learn how to be a WOLFKEEPER and turn your dangerous Doberman or playful Pug into a tamed beast and loyal friend. Wolfkeeper University specializes in training You to train your Canine through DOGA and other Wolfkeeper Patented Dog Training Techniques.