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Toriano Sanzone hugging a Bulldog
Toriano Sanzone posing

Wolfkeeper University: Established 2001

Wolfkeeper:  A person who has dedicated their entire life to Keeping and Protecting Canines and Training Humans to do the same

Wolfkeeper Logo:  The Wolfkeeper Crest and the Red Line make the statement: “Everything is on the Line, when training my Canine.” 

The Wolfkeeper:

+Master Dog Trainer, Toriano Sanzone, has been training Professionally for 17 years all around the World (Chicago, Minneapolis, Park Slope-Brooklyn, Redondo Beach, Berlin, Mallorca, Zurich, Nairobi, and more)

+Published Author: “A Wolfkeeper’s Guide to Training a Dog”

+Trained Service Dogs for Various Different Institutions.

+CEO and Founder of Wolfkeeper University (2747 W. Cermak & 921 South Loomis Chicago, IL USA)

+Co-Founder of C-Dog with Sam Pitroda (Former Advisor to Prime Minster of India): C-Dog is a Pet Software Company currently designing “The Wolfkeeper App”-- an online Dog University.

+Founder and Creator of Wolfkeeper DOGA, a form of Yoga and Reiki for Dogs.

+Former Master Dog Trainer for Cesar Millan at the Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, CA

+Annual Dog Training Seminars (2015-2016-2017-2018) in Berlin, Mallorca, Amsterdam, and Zurich

+Currently working with David Rodriquez, Executive Producer of THE CHI, on upcoming TV Show called “The Wolfkeeper”

+Graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication / Marketing.

+Former Marketing Specialist for BMG Entertainment, Jive Records, and Navarre Corporation