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C-Dog is our technology arm of Wolfkeeper University.  Our mission is to connect the Dog owners to pet professionals.

We are currently looking for the following Pet Professionals to join our C-Dog Team

+10 Dog Trainers that are located throughout the Illinois

+10 Dog Groomers

+10 Veterinarians

+10 Dog Walkers

Join our team and become the Expert in your Exclusive Region as we connect you to thousands of Dog Owners and Pet Lovers.

C-Dog is a joint project between Wolfkeeper University and The Pitroda Group.  Sam Pitroda and Toriano Sanzone are working to change the Pet Industry and connect Pet Owners around the world.


+Secure Canine Professional Team December 1, 2019

+Gain input on the App should work

+January 1, 2020 Start Development 

+May 5, 2020 Launch App.

+Start promotions to gain 50,000 Pet Lovers on our Platform by December 1, 2020.