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Professional Canine Selection

Choosing a Puppy is making a decision of living with an Animal for 10-15 years minimum.  There is an Art to selecting the right Puppy or Dog for your household.  Wolfkeeper University highly recommends that you utilize our service of helping you discover the right Breed for you before you pick your Canine Companion.

Puppy or Dog Picking Process

1.  Master Dog Trainer or one of his hand picked Professional will first evaluate your Household and conduct interviews to discover the right Breed for your household based on your Work Schedule, Family Make up and Goals for getting a Dog.

2.  Once we determine the Best Puppy for you or Dog, we will start interviewing Breeders in and out of our Network.  If you want to adopt a Dog, we will facilitate the adoption process and help you adopt a Puppy or Dog that's Best for your Household.  Don't Purchase a Puppy or adopt a Dog without the help of Wolfkeeper University.

3.  We will go with you to pick out your Puppy or Dog and create a Day 1 at Home Training Program because that first Day in your home is very crucial.

The Cost for our Puppy or Dog Picking Process is $500 based upon us committing at least 10-12 hours to the entire process.