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Therapy Dogs

Twix the Wonder Pup


+2 Year old French Bulldog

+House Trained

+Canine Good Citizen Certification

+Mini Body 

+Color Blu


Piere the Frenchy

+5 Months old

+AKC Registered English Lab

+Currently being trained to be a Service Dog

+Available May 2020 

+Canine Good Certification

+Service Dog Certification

+Wolfkeeper Advanced Obedience Certification

+Hip Check 

+Ship Worldwide

Cost $20,000


Dogs Available

If you interested in our Dogs, please complete the contact information form and we will respond shortly.  Thank you very much!

Wolfkeeper University 

921 South Loomis Chicago, IL 60608



+10 weeks old

+DOB / 9-11-2019

+Shizue x Poodle

+15 lbs

+Super Cute

+Canine Good Citizen Certificate

+Therapy Dog Certification