+Picking your Puppy
+Proper equipment
+Food Overview
+Potty Training
+Basic Obedience / Imprinting

​​​​​​​​TRAIN-THE-HUMAN / Tuesdays @ 10AM & Thursdays @ 7PM

Classes exclusively taught by Toriano Sanzone geared towards training YOU what you need to know about training and handling your dog. You will learn about:

+The Wolfkeeper Style of Training
+Information about Dog Training minus the Dog
+Dog Selection
+Body Language
+Basic Obedience
+Proper Handling During Walks

​7 SESSIONS : $500

Wolfkeeper University Group Class

Wolfkeeper Group Classes / Tuesdays and Wednesdays @ 7PM & Saturdays @ 10AM and 11AM

From obedience training beginners to veterans, pint-sized pups, to booming bulldogs our group classes are meant to help build up the basics or refresh the repertoire of obedience commands. We will teach you:

+Doga (Discovering how much control you have over your Dog)
+Basic Obedience
+Properly walking without looking down
+Proper Leash Handling
+Left Turn
+Right Turn
+More advanced DOGA
+Quick Sit
+Down Command
+Stay Command
+Introduction to Off Leash Training
+Canine Good Citizen Training
+Protection Training

Initial classes will focus on:

+Dog Evaluation
+Client Evaluation
+Equipment Review
+Leash Control

$300 for 7 Sessions 

​​Little Wolf Pack Walk / Mondays @ 10AM and 7PM, Wednesdays @ 10AM, & Saturdays @ 8AM

Classes on the move! The Little Wolf Pack Walk uses the ideas of our group classes and takes them on the go! You will learn about:

+Proper Leash Handling
+Proper walking without looking down
+The gives and takes of a walk
+Basic command training

(Geared towards dogs less than 4 months old)

​7 SESSIONS : $300

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