+Chicago Puppy Camp (2-4 weeks of Training)

+Chicago Dog Camp (4-6 weeks of Training) 

+Chicago Dog Aggression Camp (6-12 weeks of Training)

This is a picture of the Great Diesel Dog that was trained by Master Dog Trainer Toriano Sanzone from 2001-2009.  Diesel helped Toriano Sanzone train over 5,000 Dogs in the City of Chicago.  Master Dog Trainer, Toriano Sanzone, and The Mighty Joe Diesel displayed that Dog Training is more than Dog Training but a spiritual connection between Human and Canine that requires the highest level of trust between the two.  

Chicago Dog Bootcamp * Chicago Dog Private Lessons * Chicago Dog Group Classes * Chicago Dog Grooming * Chicago Dog Boarding  *Chicago Dog Food

Chicago Dog Bootcamp * Chicago Dog Private Lessons * Chicago Dog Group Classes * Chicago Dog Grooming * Chicago Dog Boarding  *Chicago Dog Food

Wolfkeeper University is a Full Service Dog Training Company based in Chicago, Illinois USA.  Master Dog Trainer and Published Author, Toriano Sanzone, has been training Dogs for over 17 years across the world (Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, Berlin, Amsterdam, Zurich, Spain and more).  The vision of Wolfkeeper University is to teach Millions of People around the world how to train their Dog.  Toriano specializes in DOGA, a form of Dog Training that teaches the Dog and Owner to Relax.

Wolfkeeper University Inc​ 2747 West Cermak Chicago, Illinois U.S.A +01 312 933 1528 /  toriano@torianosanzone.com

Dog Camp is the perfect way to get your Puppy or Dog from Zero to 100 in about 4-6 weeks.  We know that you love your Dog, you just don't have the time to train him or her, and they are only getting older.  Don't hesitate! Get your Dog trained today and start a different life with your Pet.


Our Chicago Dog Boot Camp Program is for people in the Chicago-West Loop, Chicago-South Loop, Downtown Chicago, Pilsen, Ukrainian Village, Wicker Park, Little Village, North Lawndale areas! In this dog training program we will keep your dog with us all day. Your dog will not be left in a kennel at any time-- NO KENNELS! Your dog will sit with us, walk with us, socialize with us, and the program is only about 10 to 14 days. The problem with most Chicago Dog Boot Camps and Dog Aggression Boot Camp Programs is that your dog will sit in a kennel for 23 hours a day, with only a single one-hour training session per day, and in most cases no training on the weekends.  We have been providing Dog Camp Services for the City of Chicago for over 17 years.  If you are a Chicago resident with a Dog and you don't have the time for Dog Training, then you should consider our Chicago Dog Camp Program.  If we need to spend more than 10-14 days on your Dog or Puppy then we will take the time to train your Dog Longer.  In addition, you will be able to come to our Home and see where your Dog lives and experience what your Dog experiences while in our Dog Camp.  While your Dog or Puppy is in our Dog Camp program, we will become Team Members and Great Friends.  The pricing of Dog Camp depends on your needs and the needs of your Dog or Puppy.  Our goal is to make the Best Chicago Dog or Chicago Puppy possible.