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Puppy or Dog Picking Process

1.  Master Dog Trainer or one of his hand picked Professional will first evaluate your Household and conduct interviews to discover the right Breed for your household based on your Work Schedule, Family Make up and Goals for getting a Dog.

2.  Once we determine the Best Puppy for you or Dog, we will start interviewing Breeders in and out of our Network.  If you want to adopt a Dog, we will facilitate the adoption process and help you adopt a Puppy or Dog that's Best for your Household.  Don't Purchase a Puppy or adopt a Dog without the help of Wolfkeeper University.

3.  We will go with you to pick out your Puppy or Dog and create a Day 1 at Home Training Program because that first Day in your home is very crucial.

$500 (Based upon us committing at least 10-12 hours to the entire process)

Private Lessons at Your Home or Wolfkeeper University North (921 S. Loomis)

​Exclusively with Master Dog Trainer Toriano Sanzone

+Interview family
+Evaluate Puppy or Dog
+Determine Training Needs
+Create a Dog Training Program
+The initial Dog Evaluation takes about 2 hours
+Doga (Discovering how much control you have over your Dog)
+Basic Obedience
+Properly walking without looking down
+Proper Leash Handling
+Left Turn
+Right Turn
+More advanced DOGA
+Quick Sit
+Down Command
+Stay Command

7 SESSIONS : At Home $1600 ; At Wolfkeeper $850

At Wolfkeeper University we know that sometimes one-on-one training can be best to help directly correct a dog's behavioral issues. To do that we provide several personal services to sit down with YOU and focus on what your dog needs

Toriano Sanzone Wolfkeeper Evaluation

+Visit your Home
+Interview family
+Evaluate Puppy or Dog
+Determine Training Needs
+Create a Dog Training Program
+The initial Dog Evaluation takes about 2 hours

$500 / Applied to all Dog Camp Purchases

Professional Canine Selection

Choosing a Puppy is making a decision of living with an Animal for 10-15 years minimum.  There is an Art to selecting the right Puppy or Dog for your household.  Wolfkeeper University highly recommends that you utilize our service of helping you discover the right Breed for you before you pick your Canine Companion.

2 Hour Canine Consultation
Exclusively with Master Toriano Sanzone

During this time you will discover what you need to change about your Canine and how your behaviors affect your Dog or Puppy.  These consultations are very eye opening and are more like mini private seminars.


Wolfkeeper Phone / Facetime Consultation

+Information on your breed
+Problem solving behavioral issues with your Puppy or Dog
+Home Pack Structure for Humans and Dogs

$50 for 30 minutes consultation