Wolfkeeper Therapy Dog Camp

+Evaluate your Dog Training Needs by coming to your home

+ Bring your Dog to Wolfkeeper University for consultation.

+Create a custom Dog Training Program for your Puppy or Dog.

+Dog Camp takes about 4 to 6 weeks of training with Toriano Sanzone before they will be ready to go home.

Many people confuse the term Therapy Dog with Service Animal or Emotional Support Animal.

A therapy dog provides affection and comfort to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, people with learning difficulties, and stressful situations, such as disaster areas. Institutions may invite, limit, or prohibit access to therapy dogs. If allowed, these institutions will have their own requirements for therapy animals. But it's important to know that therapy dogs and their handlers have no legal rights.

Therapy dogs are not service animals. A service animal has a skill, which directly reduces the effect of a physical or psychiatric disability and so can legally accompany their disabled handler anywhere they can legally go. In the United States, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 legally protect service animals. As therapy dogs do not provide direct assistance they are not protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Additionally therapy dogs are not protected by the laws which grant access to Emotional Support Animals.

Under U.S. law, an emotional support animal is a pet that provides therapeutic benefits to its owner through companionship and affection. Two laws – one for fair housing; the other air travel – grant owners of emotional support animals certain rights to live and travel with their pet. 

Wolfkeeper University does not offer medical or legal advice, and cannot certify whether any given person will meet applicable legal and regulatory definitions. 


Your dog needs to be evaluated by Wolfkeeper University.

We must determine if you are ready to take the test or do you need to sign up for Group Classes, Private Lessons or Dog Camp in order to pass the test.

The cost for this assessment is $200 and takes about 2 hours to complete. 

If your dog can complete the 10 items listed below, then you can take the test and get your Therapy Dog Kit.

If your dog is not ready to test, you must complete your classes to perfect the necessary skills. 
 Once your dog has passed the test, you'll need to purchase a Therapy Dog Kit.

The cost of the kit is $200.00 and Toriano can assist you with the ordering. 

Once you receive your kit, you're ready to start bringing your dog everywhere in public.


The cost of the Therapy Dog Camp is $5500 to be paid in full.

+It cost us $55 per day for 40-60 days to board your Dog.

+It cost us $65 per day for 40-60 days to Train your Dog to the point of having them Therapy Certified.

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