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Service Dogs

The Service Dog Process

+Service Dogs are selectively picked from our Breeder in Sandstone, Minnesota who provides Wolfkeeper University (WK) with the best Working AKC registered English Labs Available in the United States.  Each Lab approximately cost between $2000 and $3500

+It takes about 12-16 months to train a Service Canine and during this time the Canine is boarded in Chicago at K-9 University.  It cost $32.50 per day (365 days) ($11,862.50) to board a Service Dog while he or she in training.  

+It cost $55 per day to train a Service Dog, which includes basic obedience, Canine Good Citizen Training, Advanced Obedience, Scenario Training, Airport, Hotel, Restaurants, and other business establishments.  $20,075 for 1 year of Service Dog Training.

+We exclusively use Evangers Dog food and each Dog will consume a Bag of Dog Food per month $780 per year for Dog Food.

+Each Veteran and Service Dog Team will need to complete 144 Training Hours prior to going home.It approximately cost us $35 per hour $5040

+Each Dog must be checked by a Veterinarian every 90 days by our Exclusive Animal Doctor Team. $600

+Each Dog must receive a Service Dog Vest, ID card, Leather Collar, Leather Leash, and Dog Crate. $550

Total $42,407 for a completely Trained Service Dog