Wolfkeeper University 2 Day F.I.R.E. Seminar
Join Toriano Sanzone, the Wolfkeeper, in his intensive 2-day training that explores almost 20 years of working with Dogs and their Owners. When you leave this training you will:

Gain an understanding of the history of the Wolfkeeper style of training
Gain an understanding of how energy affects Dogs and their Owners
Demonstrate an understanding of Body Language, DOGA, Dog Obedience, and Handling the Dog
Obtain a Certificate of Completion

9:00 am / The History of Wolfkeeper and our Style of Training
+Toriano Sanzone and his Wolfpack Back in 1978
+Becoming a Pro in 2001
+Dopa Doga-SSDT-Diesel Dog in 2005
+The Making of the Wolfkeeper 2008
+2013 U.S. Tour: Brooklyn-Miami-Minneapolis-LA
+2015 The Dog Whisperer and The Wolfkeeper
+The 2nd World Tour: Berlin-Amsterdam-Mallorca-London

9:45 / Break

10:00 am / F.I.R.E (Fear It Ruins Everything)
+What aspects of your Life might affect the energy of the Canine?
+How does the energy of the Human affect the Canine?
+How can you help Dog Owners and other Team Members become more in touch with the Dog?

10:45 am / Break

11:00 am / Teaching Body Language Wolfkeeper Style
+Learning about Wolfkeeper Interview Stance
+Changing and Perfecting your Walk
+Learning about correct hand positioning when walking the Canine

12: 00 pm Working Lunch at Fiesta Tapia (50-year old Mexican Restaurant in Little Village)

1:00 pm Overview of DOGA
+Why did Toriano invent DOGA?
+How does Doga help a Dog?
+Why Doga?
+Time to Practice Doga on Dogs

2:00 pm Basic Obedience
+Proper equipment

+Learning about the Training Triangle
+Leash Control

3:00 pm Question and Answer
+Overview of Day 1 Seminar
+Overview of what to expect Day 2

Day 2
9:00 am / The Wolfkeeper Way of Dog Handling
+Moving Dogs from Kennels
+Teaching Dogs to be Calm while in Kennel
+Prevention of Kennel Accidents

9:45 am / Break

10:00 am / The Wolfkeeper Way of Dog Training

+Learn how to train a Basic Sit
+Learn how to train a Basic Down
+Learn about teaching a Basic Stay
+Learning how to Heel a Dog Properly on a Leash
+Understand the Body Language of Canine

11:15 am / Working Lunch / Catered Food from Beauty Bird (Yummy Westside Soul Food)
+Toriano will Share Stories of working in Chicago Animal Care and Control and other Dog Kennels
+Q&A about specific needs that can help improve a Canine Professional’s career

 12:15 pm The Wolfkeeper Way with Training Dogs on the Street
+Take the Canines out for a Pack-Walk
+Learn about teaching Street Obedience for the Canine
+Understand why it’s necessary to train under high stimulus environments

2:00 pm / Question and Answer at Wolfkeeper
+During this time Toriano will review all the concepts that have been discussed
+Toriano will review Key Concepts from his published book
+Each student will demonstrate their understanding of the following:
-Interview Stance
-Leash Control
-Basic Sit
-Basic Down
-Basic Stay

3:30 pm / Graduation and Presentation of Certificates


Outdoor Wolfkeeper Training Class
Toriano Teaching Children with Lady Paris

Pricing depends on group size and the availability of Toriano Sanzone.  Please call today at 312-933-1528 to find out more information about our 2 day F.I.R.E Seminar.

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