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Part of our job as active members of the canine world is helping YOU connect with any dog-related needs you might have. Part of our way to do that is with Dog Book, a dog-centered social media platform. Not only can you post about your loveable pup, but you can also use our Categories to cater your experience to your needs. Our different Categories include:

  • General Talk, where you can easily share and update the world on your dog
  • Knowledge Sharing, where your experiences can help other owners learn how to better care for their dogs
  • Dog Tips, where you can post and find good tips for helping keep your dog happy
  • Lost / Found, to help reconnect owners with their lost pets
  • Buy & Sell, for all commercial interests or needs

Along with this you can use our campus to connect with other individuals in the app for direct messaging and communication

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Get acquainted with the Wolfkeeper University Digital Class in this quick and easy-to-use online training program. Through guided videos and interactive activities, you will:

  • Build your comfort and familiarity with your DOG
  • Discover the impact that your actions have on your dog

  • Learn how the Wolfkeeper Digital Platform can help you and your dog with different unique Dog Video Training Lessons by Master Toriano on DOGA (YOGA for Dogs), OBEDIENCE, AGILITY, BEHAVIOR, & THERAPY.
  • Practice identifying effective teaching practices in videos from the digital classroom

  • On each subject there are ten, 5 - 7 minute videos lessons presented in a simple format to train any dog on a variety of activities, initiatives and tricks to enjoy and enhance the mutual relationship between Dog and Dog owner.
  • These lessons are designed to make any Dog Active, Obedient, Energetic and Enjoyable with enhanced Behavior and Comfort. Comparable Dog training courses could cost thousands of dollars and are available only in a few urban areas.

Our directory features quick and easy connection to helpful dog services from all over. From Veterinarians to pet Spas we have something for everyone

Dog Book

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Welcome to Wolfkeeper News !!!
Next generation sequencing is making a real difference on our digital campus. In an effort, as always, to communicate with you, we will be updating our news to let you know about the latest enhancements to our instrumentation, computer hardware and services. We will also provide announcements and tips and tricks to help get your dog trained. We are curating and bringing great news from around the Chicago and World particularly related to Dogs. We will keep improving ourselves with help of all Dog Lovers