Toriano Sanzone
Wolfkeeper University Torino Sanzone founded DOPA DOGS in 2001 which became Sanzone School of Dog Training which finally became Wolfkeeper University.  Wolfkeeper University has trained thousands of Dogs all around the world and has worked with some of the Greatesr Dog Trainers in the World.  Wolfkeeper University has worked hand and hand with some of the best trainers in the world, just to name a few: Cesar Millan-California, James Morgan-Chicago, Walter Ward-Chicago, Todd Bartlestein-Chicago, Michael Straton-Chicago, Lenny Dragonaski-Chicago, Mick Weiser-Berlin, Petra Kohler-Spain, Daniel Biggi-Zurich and many more. Wolfkeeper University has produced some of the most amazing dog trainer in the world through its Train-The Trainer Program and continues to train more trainers every year under the guidance of Master Dog Trainer Tyrone Scott.   In addition, WK has worked with Secretary of State-Jesse White’s Office, Rush University, Chicago CRED, VA Hospital, Chicago Animal Care and Control, Burbank-California Animal Care and Control, and various Animal Organization around the world. WK is currently working with Tech Guru Sam Pitroda on developing a digital platform to distribute information about dog training faster around the world. Wolfkeeper is the leading thought when it comes to DOGA and training Canines through Energy and Positive Reinforcement.  Since 2001, our goal has been to be the greatest when it comes to training canines.